Tips for a Successful Wedding Speech

After attending my fair share of weddings this summer, I have compiled a few guidelines for a successful wedding speech. Here are some of the most important things to consider:

1. Introduce Yourself

Before you start, tell everyone who you are. Be sure to add your connection to the Bride & Groom. Remember, not every one of the attendees know who you are.

2. Tell a story

This is a great opportunity to share a short story about a time you shared with the Bride or Groom (or both). If you plan on telling multiple stories, be sure to connect them. You want your speech to flow. Don't forget, this is not an autobiography.

Tip: It should not be all about you.

3. Keep it brief

We all know someone who could talk for hours, and trust me, I am one of them. But for the sake of the Bride & Groom (and everyone in the room), stick to the point. I suggest keeping your speech to 5 minutes or less.

4. Highlight the couple's perfections

Wedding speeches are a chance to talk about why the Bride & Groom are a fantastic couple. Avoid telling inappropriate or unnecessary stories. Instead, focus on why the couple is perfect for each other.

5. Include both newlyweds

When saying your speech, make sure that you talk about both the Bride and Groom. Even if you are the maid of honour or best man, express your excitement for the couple as a whole and each individually.

6. Keep it light

Wedding speeches can be an emotional rollercoaster. They will make you laugh and cry in all the best ways. If you are going to share a joke, a good idea is to get a second opinion. Tell it to someone else prior to going for it at the wedding. Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment.

7. Finish with a toast

The best way to end off your speech, is by raising a glass to the happy newlyweds, and wish them well on their everlasting marriage.

8. Practice

You know what they say; practice makes perfect! Feel free to have queue cards to reference, but make sure you're not wingin' it on the big day.

Written by Quinn Densmore, Event Coordinator


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