The Marilyn Dennis Show

Hi Friends,

It's been such a whirlwind of a fall around here, but in the best of ways. Not only has our wedding season extended until the end of November (we are absolutely loving these late-Fall weddings), but we've been busy wrapping up some other company projects, like An Indie Wedding Social, not to mention, working away with our amazing lineup of 2020 couples and getting some bookings and details underway for 2021.

In all of the excitement, we also had the opportunity to be on The Marilyn Dennis Show!!!

Before I go any further into the story of how this all came to be, I just can't help but smile when I think back on the early days of Elegant Productions, chatting with Lauren about how exciting it would be to one day be a guest on The Marilyn Dennis Show... the universe never ceases to amaze me, how all good things come with time.

About a month and a half ago, near the end of the work-day, I received a very vague email from a woman by the name of Kalista. She told me, she was a producer of the show and there was a strong possibility they would be shooting an upcoming surprise party segment in Halifax. They were in search of an event planner who could help them pull off the party and also participate in the segment.

At first glance, I thought this email was another spam telemarketer, trying to sell me Google ads, but after some quick creeping on Instagram and LinkedIn, I quickly realized Kalista was legit and this was actually an amazing opportunity I was being presented with.

Not exactly sure what I was getting myself into, I responded to her within 20 minutes saying that I would love to participate in whatever it was she was planning.

Long story short, Jen, a huge Marilyn Dennis show-superfan, has an amazing husband and best friend. For her 30th Birthday, they were planning her a surprise MD show house party. After emailing the show's general inquiry line looking for only a mug or a few cue-cards to purchase, the show's producers immediately thought this would make a perfect segment.

The plan was to turn Jen and Jeff's house into the show set. I knew our friends at Glow the Event Store would be able to hook us up with everything that we needed to bring this to life.

Still not 100% sure what we were getting ourselves into, we showed up on the shoot / birthday party day with open minds, ready to be of service.

This was so. much. fun. I honestly felt like I was a cast member on a reality television series (living out my dreams here people!).... a few clips from the segment below, or you can view the full segment here!

I can't exactly explain what a joy this was to be apart of. Jen is seriously the most deserving human of all of the love, surprise and excitement that made this day. It's not lost on me, how something so small (like an email looking to purchase a mug and cue-cards) can turn into such a wonderful experience and memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved.

We're so lucky to be presented with such fun opportunities, this one will stay with me forever and ever, I am sure!

Hope you're week is off to a great start! Katelyn xo


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