The Dos and Don'ts of Being a Wedding Guest

The Dos and Don’ts of being a wedding guest

Here are some trade secrets on being the best wedding guest you can be! You'll be remembered as the life of the party, who doesn't love that?!

1. Don't have your phone out.

Leave the picture taking to the photographer, that's what they're being paid for. The bride and groom don't want to look out into their ceremony to see the back of your phone, they want to see your smiling face. Plus if you're busy snapping photos you may accidentally ruin a professional one. Keep your devices in your pocket until the reception, unless otherwise instructed and enjoy the moment.

2. Do arrive on time.

This includes not arriving too early. As wedding planners we understand that the final touches are still being added moments before the ceremony. We recommend arriving no earlier than 15 minutes before the ceremony start time. Arriving late can be very disruptive to the flow of the ceremony, nobody wants to be THAT guest.

3. Do RSVP before the reply date.

We know how exciting it is when those replies start coming in. Plus if the couple has an idea of how many people are coming early on, they can get started on the rest of their planning. Also be sure to include your dietary restrictions and they can be considered with lots of time.

4. Don't bring an uninvited guest.

If you're unsure if you've been given a plus one, the names on your invitation envelope should be an indication. If it doesn't state (& guest) bring only yourself.

5. Don't ask the couple for directions on the day of.

They have so many other things on their mind the morning of their wedding and we try to keep it as calm and relaxing as possible. Actually, don't bother them at all before they say "I do", asking someone in the wedding party if you really need a question answered.

6. Don't wear white.

I mean, it's pretty self explanatory. We often give ourselves this rule, if the article of clothing has over 50% white... don't wear it. This doesn't apply to men's dress shirts, but does to women's clothing!

7. Do send or bring a gift.

Often if you're purchasing a gift from a registry you can mail it directly to the couple, which makes it easy for them to receive it and not have to lug it home after their celebration. Either way, gifting something is always greatly appreciated even if it's a card with some cash.

8. Do keep negative comments to yourself.

Nobody likes a negative Nelly. We can almost guarantee that the bride and groom have deliberated over every single detail and hearing comments of dissatisfaction is not something they want to hear. Especially about an event they put their heart and soul into for months, sometimes years.

9. Do drink responsibly.

Keep on top of your alcohol intake and don't over indulge (too much). Make sure you have planned a ride home, there is no excuse to drive under the influence.

10. Do be gracious and take your favour home.

It can be pretty disappointing if the favours are in a pile left behind after the reception. Especially if the couple took time to hand make each one. Usually this is something they thought long and hard about and really wanted you to enjoy.

11. Don't assume kids are invited.

Again, if they're not included on your envelope, whether by name or indicated as "& Family", they're probably not invited. Hire a babysitter and dance the night away!

12. Do be a team player.

If the bride and groom request for you to come out and start dancing, show off your best moves. If they have a kissing game, play. Sign the guestbook, take that polaroid, join the conga line! If they see you enjoying everything they have planned, their day is going to go exactly how they have envisioned it.

13. Do respect the venue.

The bride and groom have spent time picking the perfect place to get married as well as spent money on it. Treat this place like your home, and make the bride and groom look good. Also, don't take anything home that wasn't specifically given to you, often times decor pieces belong to the venue and need to be returned and accounted for.

14. Do have fun!

The bride and groom are saying "I do" and they invited you for a reason! You're one of the special people in their lives and they want to celebrate you too.

Photos by Candace Berry Photography


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