Megan & Simon at Oceanstone

This right here. This is the wedding I'm going to be talking about until probably, the end of time.

Megan & Simon's wedding day, the day that happened a day early will go down in history as one of the biggest highlights of my career. It was the day that made me so proud to work in an industry that is truly willing to do whatever it takes to help two people in love, celebrate and be married with their family and friends.

Yup, we're talking about Hurricane Dorian, weekend. The Saturday that one of the wildest and most frightening storms whipped its way through Nova Scotia, without a care for all of the destruction and wedding disruption left in its wake.

I vividly remember, sitting in the Hydrostone Starbucks across from our office, catching up with an industry friend when Simon's name popped up on my phone. It was Thursday around 11:00 am, the wedding (and hurricane) still set to hit on Saturday. "Katelyn, do you think we can pull off moving the wedding to tomorrow?" Simon asked. Without hesitation, my answer was "YES! Let's do it."

I'm not even kidding when I say within 1 hour we had the entire wedding moved up a day. Every single vendor was onboard at a moment's notice. Oceanstone was the true MVP of the whole game and our friends at MacFarlands we're thrilled at the idea of getting that tent down before the winds started to pick up.

It was a wedding of epic proportions. Megan was a bride full of so much grace throughout the entire process and Simon was so calm, but I literally felt like he was a man who could move a mountain over these two days. I truly admire this couple and felt like I grew both personally and professionally getting the opportunity to walk with them through this process.

Chelle Wooten's photos speak for themselves. I could literally type about this day for another hour, but have to stop somewhere, so I'll leave it at this...

What. A. Day.

Planning: Elegant Productions | Photography: Chelle Wooten Photography | Venue: Oceanstone | Tent & Rentals: MacFarlands Events | Floral: Chelsea Lee Flowers | Hair: Morgan Tully & Emily Astrid Moore | Makeup: Vicky Mina


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