Maritime Wedding Favours

Have you been wondering what to give you're guests to take away from your wedding that they'll love and get excited to take home? These ideas will be sure to please and they're all local to the maritimes which will keep your special east coast wedding day in their memories.

Rousseau Chocolatier

Julien Rousseau-Dumarcet and Nathalie Morin create the most beautiful gourmet chocolates. They just recently opened in their new gorgeous location downtown that is packed with chocolates, macarons, pastries and other confections. It also includes a cafe where you can sip on yummy coffee and hot chocolate. Julien and Nathalie worked together in award winning hotels and independent chocolatiers in France, England and Scotland, how dreamy is that?! Not only do they make mouth watering treats, they're the nicest people and I love visiting their shop and they're the perfect addition to Halifax.

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Acadian Maple Syrup

These little bottles are filled with the sweetest maple syrup that is tapped from sugar maple trees in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia. You can even visit their maple farm and visit their shop, have no fear if you're not nearby this tasty syrup is available in many stores across the province, country and worldwide! Not only do they make syrup they also create fruit syrups, spices & mixes and preserves.

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Maritime Sea Salt Makers

Who doesn't love sprinkling sea salt on your savoury and sweet treats alike. Liz Blanchette and Tammy Zinck started collecting sea salt when they realized they couldn't find any that was locally sourced. They use solar energy to separate the salt from the ocean water in their salt houses. They leave some natural and smoke some in their smoke house with applewood chips, to create two varieties.

This photo was taken from the local haligonan blog, Brit Design click here to get the recipe.

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Lure Caramel Co.

These gorgeous caramels are handmade, poured into moulds and enrobed in chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt. Lure Caramels are produced at their kitchen located in Rhubarb Restaurant in Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia just a few minutes from the iconic Peggy's Cove. They have a few different flavours that include, ginger, pecan and almond. You can pick up their tasty treats at their location by the ocean or in some local shops around Nova Scotia.

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Photo by Candace Berry Photography

Glen Breton Whisky

This spirit is created in the the first single malt whisky distillery in North America nestled in rolling hills of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. One of the very few places on Earth where Gaelic culture and language thrive. The Glenora distillery where Glen Breton is made uses water from a crystal clear stream nearby that filters through the highlands. Not only is the distillery picturesque you can stay in guest houses nearby, a great spot to relax after a tour and tasting. Certainly a taste of Scotland.

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Le French Fix Macaron

Have you ever met a macaron you didn't like? That's what I thought...

These beautiful little confections are chewy and crunchy all at the same time and have the most delicate and light taste. All of the gorgeous pastries are hand crafted by French pastry chef, Geoffroy Chevallier in their downtown Halifax location. Not only do they make this tasty treats, they can teach you how to make them too at their workshops. These macarons pictured here include a Nova 7 flavour, which is a sparkling wine made in the Annapolis Valley. We were lucky enough to have a taste and it was magic.

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Photography by Candace Berry Photography

Chocolate Lobsters by Rousseau Chocolatier

If you really want an authentic east coast celebration, you're likely feeding your guests lobster by the seaside. It's one of the most notable foods that is plentiful in Nova Scotia and we love it just as much as visitors do. Why not commemorate your special day with a sweet treat shaped like this iconic maritime staple. These chocolate pops are made by Rosseau Chocolateir which you would have read about in our first example. You really can't go wrong with anything that comes out of their kitchen.

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Salt Water Taffy

You can literally find this taffy around every corner here in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces alike. It is sweet and chewy and is pulled until perfection. Although it has "salt water" in it's name, it doesn't actually contain any sea water, which is what one would assume. It often comes in giant bags and gets eaten quickly as it's pretty addictive, luckily its prevalent around here.

Liquid Gold Olive Oil

This shop nestled in the hyrdostone (just a few doors down from our HQ) is filled with the most gorgeous selection of artisanal oils and vinegars. You can have a taste of each variety before you choose the one to be poured into your bottle. In addition to this location they have 3 others across the maritimes. You won't struggle to find something to compliment tonights dinner.

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This photo was taken by @chefdanyduguay

Foxhound Collection Soy Candles

These candles fill your space with the most gorgeous scents. Kelsey, the owner of Foxhound is inspired by "true-to-life experiences, inspired by peaceful adventures and seasonal wonders." Doesn't that sound amazing?! Your guests will be leaving with the most beautiful treasure that will burn for 50+ hours so they can live in the scent for days. Minimal labels make each candle complimentary to any style of home. Kelsey just launched her new collections of white and black labels, be sure to check them out!

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Cape Breton Fudge Co.

A tasty treat for your guest is always happily accepted. A lot of the time when a favour is given that is a confection, it often doesn't make it all the way home before getting eaten. This fudge will be one of those things. In Sydney, Cape Breton the chef's making this fudge have put out some really neat flavours, they even create speciality flavours that compliment each production at a local theatre. They will even make a new flavour just for you special day, how special is that for your guests (and you)?!

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Tangled Garden Preserves

These jams, jellies and liqueurs are hand crafted in Grande Pre, Nova Scotia in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. The Tangled Garden is one of the most magical places we've visited and the property is a sprawling garden filled with flowers and herbs and a tea room. Gifting one of these jewels to your guests is giving them a piece of Nova Scotia.

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Photo by Gary Pridham

Seafoam Lavender - Lavender Sugar

This fragrant sugar is the perfect addition sprinkled on top of a cookie or substituted in chocolate baked goods. Seafoam Lavender's flower farm is located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, with the most beautiful fields of purple flowers swaying in the ocean breeze. They create many different things from skincare to jellies with the aromatic lavender buds.

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Indie Home Potted Succlents

With hand made concrete pots, these tiny succulents will make the perfect accessory for your table as well and a pretty little plant for your guests to take home. Succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for making them a great keepsake, and they will be a great reminder of your wedding day as they grow.

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True North DJ's Photo Booth with Printed Pictures

Being silly in front of the camera is something that is bound to happen at your reception. This booth prints out those memories for your guests to keep. Everyone is going to want a picture with the bride and groom. Plus you'll get to browse all the images captured from the night on True North DJ's website.

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Hopefully our list of favours was helpful to you and gave you some inspiration for your guest, if anything just made you hungry. We know if were were guests we'd happily stash these in our bags for later or eat them as soon as our eyes laid on them.


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