Jasmine & Lee

Thursday nights are quickly becoming one of my favourite nights of the week. Andrew goes off to hockey, I put on the fireplace and Buddy and I hang out on the couch in a pile of blankets and compile blog posts - he's currently snoring up a storm while I type...

I've been waiting for the right time to blog about this wedding! I wasn't sure when that would be, but knew the time would come when it just felt right! This week has been a whirlwind. We wrapped up our 2014 season this past Sunday. I thought I would want to take a break, to sleep in, stay in my pj's all day and rest, but it has been the complete opposite of that. I have never felt more inspired by my clients past and present, motivated by my ideas and ready to keep moving forward! Not to worry, I won't be "burning out" anytime soon, Andrew and I do have a 10 day vacation planned over the next few weeks, but for now, it's full-steam ahead.

So back to Jasmine and Lee and all that made up their one-of-a-kind wedding day.

This is one of those weddings your excited about from first conversation. In January, Jasmine described to me her vision for her wedding. Over the phone, she explained how her parents owned property on the Chester Basin where her and her sister spent their summers growing up. How there was a charming farm house with an additional building called the studio. The property was expansive and the flow of her wedding day was something she was most excited about.

Countless emails, Skype calls, a few site visits and finally getting the chance to hug Jasmine and Lee in person the week of the wedding before our final taste test and wrap up wine date, their wedding day unfolded as you will see through the camera lens of Candace Berry below.

The decor concept for Jasmine and Lee's wedding was made complete thanks to Chelsea of Chelsea Lee Flowers (who as I am sure you can tell, continues to out-do herself) paired by charming vintage touches from Val of Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals.

What a pleasure it was to be amongst the 70 lucky wedding guests on this special day. Candace captured every moment in time perfectly and I hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as I did. I foresee many an alfresco wedding in the near future.

My first wedding free weekend will be spent cleaning our garage post wedding season. We currently have a Buddy sized path that goes from the entrance to the house to the side-garage door. Needless to say, our garage has become a loading and un-loading bay for the past six months. So that's where I can be found all day Saturday. I also have to follow though with my apple crisp commitment, which if you're following us on Insta you already know about.

I'm super excited for Sunday, where I'll be attending my very first calligraphy workshop! Lauren and I are attending this with a current client/turned friend of ours! We all share the same desire to hand letter invitations, thank you cards and more so fingers crossed I'll be a pro come the end of the weekend - more on this later!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

K xo


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