How To Be Organized: Tips from a Pro

When it comes to organization, we at Elegant Productions have it down to a science. There is nothing Katelyn loves more than her labeled email files, and Rebecca her neatly organized desk.  Let’s face it though, keeping your life well ordered is never easy. That is why I have come up with a list of the best ways for you to be, and to stay organized like a pro!

Find the time

Set aside the time to get everything organized. It doesn’t always take 5 minutes, but once you’re set it’s all uphill from there. 

Use a calendar

As luck would have it, many of us are attached to an electronic device in one way or another. Whether it’s a phone, computer or tablet, we all have a device that comes with a built in calendar (how novel is that!). When life gets busy, I would not be able to survive without my computer and phone calendar. This is a great place to keep reminders and important dates. 

Get a planner

Growing up I loved lists. In fact, as a child I would write them on my hand so I wouldn't forget. Well, we're all adults now, and unfortunately that doesn’t look the most professional. Invest in a planner. Trust me, we’re all obsessed with ours!

Colour Coordinate

Ok Ok, let's be real, you knew this was coming. But who doesn’t love a bit of color, right? Using different colours to differentiate things in your life is super helpful. For me, I organize based on home-life, work, appointments and school. That way, when I open my planner, I know exactly what color is for what. 

Make a schedule

My mother always would always say to me “Hey, Polly Procrastinator!”. I finally got rid of that title by scheduling and prioritizing my work. Giving yourself a measurable goal is the best way to schedule your work. For example, by the end of the day today I will have cleared my inbox (never hurts to dream big!). 

There’s no place like home

In our office, I know exactly where to go when I am in search of something. Sticky notes, they’re in the top drawer. Pens, they’re in the holder. Extra computer charger, that’s in the bottom drawer (I forget mine all the time, so I have to know where that is). Everything deserves a place; so when you use something, simply put it back. 

Sort, Label and File

If you spend a lot of time sifting through your emails like we do, the most effective way to organize them is by sorting, labeling and filing. Find a system that makes the most sense for you and classify accordingly. 

Stay on track

The most challenging part of getting organized, is finding a way to stay organized. It is important that you don’t let old habits get in the way. Once you get into your groove, do your best to stay on it. You’ve made it this far so don’t give up!


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