EP's 10 Tips for Holiday Hosting

With the holidays upon us, we thought this would be the perfect time to share our 10 tips for holiday hosting. As professional hosters by day and personal hosters by night, we've curated our tips and tricks for making your holiday entertaining enjoyable and we may even dare say, relaxing!

1. Prep, prep, prep

Ensure as many details of your menu that can be prepped in advance are done prior to guest arrival.

2. Dedicate someone to greet upon arrival

If you will be too busy in the kitchen with last-minute details, assign a family member or close friend to greet all guests as they arrive, take coats and make introductions for socializing. 

3. Pre-pour and tray drinks

Have a bar cart or specialty cocktail available for guests to grab upon arrival. Keep your guests hydrated with self-serve beverage options throughout the night. 

4. Make snacks easily accessible

Have charcuterie available for guests to pick at while waiting for the main meal. 

5. Assign seats

If you are hosting a seated meal, it is ideal to pre-assign each guest's place setting prior to arrival and use little place cards as a creative way to inform guests of their seat. 

6. Pre-select your platters

Pre-selecting your platters for what you will serve each element of the meal on and lay them out in advance is one less decision to worry about when it's time to serve up your delicious dish. 

7. Ensure proper height of your decor/centerpieces

When using floral as decor, ensure that your centerpieces will not block the view of the guests sitting across the tables from one another. Opt for lower floral arrangements or use candles as decor. 

8. Offer non-alcoholic beverages

Don't forget to offer delicious non-alcoholic options as not all guests may wish to drink wine or your cocktail of choice throughout the night. 

9. Clean up once everyone leaves

Even though it may feel tempting to clean up immediately following dinner, leave the mess until after everyone leaves! Your guests are there to spend time with you, not watch you slave away over a pile of dirty dishes. 

10. Make time for your guests

Lastly, be sure you make time for your guests! Hosting a dinner party can feel overwhelming, but the whole point is to socialize with your loved ones. Make sure you actually sit down to eat while everyone else is and enjoy in each others company. If possible, spend a bit of time in conversation with each guest in attendance. 

There you have it, our 10 best tips for holiday hosting. Let us know in the comments below what tips and tricks help you be a gracious host at your holiday gathering.

All images within this post were taken by Brittany MacLeod Photography, during our Lightfoot & Wolfville Editorial.

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