2019 Wedding Design Trends

Earlier this month I (Katelyn) had the opportunity to attend The Special Event - a wedding and event conference in sunny San Diego, California with our friends from Glow The Event Store. It was such an amazing week filled with inspiration, learning about up-and-coming trends for the events industry and networking with like-minded professionals from across North America. 

One thing that I was rather encouraged by while there, was all the inspiring talk of wedding and design trends. Many of the comments and suggestions from industry pros (we're talking the designers of The Grammy's and The Jenner's Christmas Party to name-drop a few!), for upcoming industry trends in 2019, were actually things that our couples right here in the Maritime's are already embracing. 

We're excited to share with you our most anticipated wedding and design trends that we're looking forward to continuing to build upon in 2019 / 2020. 

There you have it, our favorite up-and-coming trends in 2019 and some fun ways to incorporate into your own day. 

Happy planning friends! Katelyn xo


Joyfully celebrating across Atlantic Canada

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